We exist to Love & Glorify God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and to let Others know about His great love.

The Fellowship of Celebration Community Church has a God given desire to Honor God in all things.  This means that we accept God's Only Begotten Son as Lord and Savior, and the Bible as the Very Word of God.  Our Worship, our Bible Studies and messages are all a part of a grand mission effort to reach out to the Lost with the Gospel of Saving Grace in Jesus Christ, and to help Believers grow to Christian Maturity.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Way of Salvation by God's grace and mercy.  

The body of christ

Loving God always leads to Loving Others, when that Love is biblical, sincere and authentic.  You will find a Welcome atmosphere of Love and Consideration from a Group of Caring People.  Friends and Connections are an Important emphasis of our Church.