What To Expect


At Celebration Community Church you will find the music Biblical and inspirational. We are led by a worship ensemble who seek to encourage us in adoration and preparation for the Word of God. The music is a blended service between contemporary and traditional.


We come to worship the Lord in a relaxed atmosphere, while our hearts are on fire for the Lord God, His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ and for those who have not yet received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Come as you are. Everyone dresses casually.

We are Back to 9:00 am - Indoor Worship Services - April 4th - "Resurrection Sunday!"

Bible Study Lessons are Online and at our Facebook address.

Celebration Community Church | Facebook

Future Service Time inside Sanctuary

Sunday - Normally 10:00 am

(Members & Visitors who wish to Remain Outside may do so, using the FM Radio 107.9)

We do encourage everyone to Wear Masks & Distance whenever they are outside of the cars).

Wednesday Study & Prayer: Temporarily Suspended

Children's Services: Temporarily Suspended

Celebration Community Church

corner of State Road 47 & Morningstar Glen

(between Lake City and Fort White Florida)


Dr. Ralph A. Rodriguez